Shrimp Exports Down 10 Per Cent

30 November 2011, at 12:00am

HONDURAS - The shrimp industry will experience a 10 per cent reduction in exports by the end of this year, equivalent to around $20 million.

The executive director of the National Aquaculture Association of Honduras (ANDAH), Marco Polo Micheletti said that: "The reduction in exports could go from 10 to 20 million dollars, due to the impact of the rains that hit the country in the month of October this year."

In 2010 the export of farmed shrimp closed with $200 million and the same figure was expected this year. However, it is possible that losses in the industry have had a significant impact on the industry of about 10 million pounds of shrimp.

"We export about 70 million pounds of shrimp and losses should walk in about 10 million pounds, which will address a reduction of foreign exchange for the country," he reiterated.

According to Mr Polo Micheletti, the rains this year and last year have affected the production of export items and have affected small businesses.

Although the industry has grown and remained stable in recent years, according to Mr Polo Micheletti, there are many expectations for the entry into force of the Partnership Agreement between Europe and Central America.

"We are waiting for a market opening to Europe, because we will have 27 countries with a higher income level than other nations, we believe this will improve exports, because it will increase the amount of shrimp for export," he said.

The entry into the agreement is also predicted to increase job opportunities.