Shandong Turbot farmers in crisis following sales slump

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by The Fish Site
22 December 2006, at 12:00am

CHINA - Many Chinese turbot fish farmers are on the verge of bankruptcy, a month after several cancer causing chemicals were found in their products, reports Lu Yuying on CCTV News.

Stalled sales nationwide have prompted local authorities in Shandong, China's major turbot producing area, to take strict measures in monitoring its fish farms. But it will take a little more to revive Shandong's fishing industry.

Xiu Shuzhen and her husband are farmers from Shandong. They mortgaged their house and took out a one million yuan loan two years ago to build this family turbot fish farm. But like many others, they haven't sold a single fish since last month's discovery of carcinogens in the fish. These farmers have had to bear the consequences of heavy economic loss and the psychological concerns about where their next yuan will come from.

Turbot farmer Xiu Shuzhen said:"The fish farm costs us 800 yuan everyday. 400 yuan for electricity, 400 yuan for fish feed. We can hardly afford it!"

Although only three fishing businesses were caught using banned chemicals and closed temporarily, it seems all turbot farmers are paying the price. Losses have been compounded as the end of the year has traditionally been a time of high sales.

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