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Severinsen re-emerges with a "disruptive" water sensor for aquaculture

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A new water sensor that has been designed to measure a range of water quality and fish welfare parameters in aquaculture installations has been launched by a Canadian seafood tech company, Sedna Technologies.

Trond Severinsen, former chief executive of Akva Group, is back in the aquaculture sector after embarking on a two-year round-the-world sailing trip in 2019

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The wireless Sensor Globe is a powerful multi-functional sensor concept, which can be equipped with various high-end micro-sensors and used to monitor real time data through an app on a smartphone, tablet or via the internet.

It has adjustable internal ballast so that it can either float like a small iceberg, sink or have neutral buoyancy. It measures only 95mm diameter, weighs 325 grams and is designed to “flow-with-the-fish” through pipes, hoses, fish pumps, lice treatment and other machinery. Measuring both water quality and physical impact on the fish (acceleration and shock), which both are crucial for fish welfare.

“We are now launching the first version which is available with micro-sensors such as optical oxygen, temperature, pH, acceleration and shock. Later this year nitrate, ammonia and salinity micro-sensors will follow, and we will keep adding many new sensors and features going forward to stay leading edge,” said Sedna’s co-founders, Sheamus MacDonald and Aleksandr Stabenow, in a press release.

The duo originally designed the sensor to ensure the safe transport of live lobsters, but have now partnered up with ex-Akva group executive Trond Severinsen to help them diversify into aquaculture.

Severinsen, who left Akva in 2019, after 25 years, is now Sedna’s Norwegian partner. Together they have just set up Sedna Technologies Norway AS in Stavanger. This will be the hub for commercialising the product throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

“I am very excited to work with such young and talented entrepreneurs in Canada, to offer my lifelong experience in the aquaculture technology industry and together grow the company, work on R&D, and set up a global sales and service network,” said Severinsen.

“We discover new uses and markets for the Sensor Globe concept just about every week right now. Including the growing need for environmental impact monitoring by various companies involved in mining, forestry, energy, construction, engineering and consulting, as well as in many government agencies. The product is in reality a disruptive technology and with a price point that opens up a huge global market”.