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Sernapesca Increases Measures To Protect Salmon

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CHILE - The Chilean fisheries body, Sernapesca has tightened up the rules for importing salmon eggs in measures to protect salmon.

Now, the import of eggs may be made only from countries that have surveillance systems for Pancreas Disease (PD), recognised by the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Sernapesca National Director, Flix Inostroza , said itwas necessary to increase the prevention and protection measures in Chile to reduce the risk of transmission of the disease. He said the measures were necessary toprotect the salmon industry for the greatest risks and the greatest possible impact.

"Imports from countries that do not submit records to support us as a country , zone or centre free of PD, or whose background is insufficient, will not be allowed," Mr Inostroza said.

The decision by Sernapesca to formalize the Resolution No. 873 supercedes a previous one, which provided the option of certification for PD analysis based only on individual screening for eggs exported to Chile.

"This means that we will evaluate all implemented surveillance systems in countries that export eggs to Chile to ensure adequate protection against the disease of the pancreas , "said Mr Inostroza.

Meanwhile, Sernapesca said that it has been 14 weeks since the country reported a case of ISA in salmon.

Sernapesca said there are no suspect sites for ISA, five suspect sites of HPR0 (avirulent strain) in the 11th Regionon farms belonging to the companies Cupqueln and Australis Mar.

The Sernapesca shows that there are 14 total sites that have been allowed to go fallow with no fish because of previous outbreaks or suspect outbreaks of ISA.