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Serious fish disease discovered

UK - DEFRA have advised all Kent Fisheries that a serious fish disease has just been discovered at Eureka Fishery on Eureka Business Park.

The disease known as Koi Herpesvirus is highly contagious and affects all carp varieties. It can result in high rates of fish mortality.

To help prevent any spread of this disease to other fisheries all keep nets, landing nets and unhooking mats should be thoroughly dried after use.

Chemical net dips have been installed at Surrenden, which must be used to protect the fishery and notices have been put up at Singleton Lake to warn anglers.

Any sighting of dead or dying fish, or fish showing signs of disease such as bleeding from the gills, white patches or sunken eyes must be reported to Micky Ladley on 01233 627813 or to The Centre for Environment on 01305 206673.

Source: KentOnline