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Seafood Imports From China Raised In Untreated Sewage

WASHINGTON Fish products consumed by Americans are treated with dangerous drugs and chemicals. The reasaon: China, the leading exporter of seafood to the US, is raising most of its fish products in water contaminated with raw sewage and then compensating for this by using dangerous products, many of which are banned by the US Food and Drug Administration.

This stunning news follows a report by WND last week that FDA inspectors say that tainted food imports from China are being rejected with increasing frequency because they are filthy, are contaminated with pesticides and tainted with carcinogens, bacteria and banned drugs.

China has consistently topped the list of countries whose products were refused by the FDA – and that list includes many countries, including Mexico and Canada, who export far more food products to the U.S. than China.

While less than half of Asia has access to sewage treatment plants, aquaculture – the raising of seafood products – has become big business on the continent, especially in China. In China, No. 1 in aquaculture in the world, 3.7 billion tons of sewage is discharged into rivers, lakes and coastal water – some of which are used by the industry. Only 45 percent of China has any sewage-treatment facilities, putting the country behind the rest of Asia.

Source: Worldnetdaily