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Seafood Exports Increase By 46 Per Cent

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NORWAY - In September, exports of Norwegian seafood increased by NOK5.7 billion. This is an increase of nok1.8 billion or 46 per cent compared to September 2009. This is the highest export value ever recorded for a month. So far this year the total export value of Norwegian seafood is NOK37.3 billion. This is NOK6.5 billion more than last year, a growth of 21 per cent according to new figures from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council.

"September shows a growth in all parts of Norwegian seafood exports. However, there are two particular aspects that contribute to the sharp increase in exports of NOK1.8 billion. Large catches of mackerel and a high demand for Norwegian mackerel in Japan are factors, as well as a continuing high demand for Norwegian salmon in key markets like France, Russia and the US, "says Egil Ove Sundheim, director of market information in the Export Council.

Record Salmon

In September, salmon exports reached a value of NOK2.9 billion. September 2010 is so far the best month for Norwegian salmon exports ever. The export value of Norwegian salmon so far this year of NOK21.9 billion, representing an increase of NOK5.1 billion. The total volume is at 651,000 tonnes, an increase of 77,000 tonnes.

Exports of trout fell in September. Total exports of trout so far this year are NOK1.1 billion, a decline of NOK348 million.

France and Poland are the biggest buyers of salmon from Norway. For trout, Russia and China are the largest importers..

Record for mackerel

Mackerel value increased in September. So far this year, the value of mackerel exports lies at NOK1.9 billion which is an increase of 77 per cent. 132,000 tonnes of mackerel were exported in September 2010, an increase of 306 per cent compared to September last year. So far this year 187,000 tonnes of mackerel have been exported. Japan, China and Nigeria are the biggest buyers of Norwegian mackerel.

More herring in September

In September, herring exports increased by 12 million tonnes or 10 per cent to a total value of NOK140 million. Looking at exports so far this year there is a decrease of NOK172 million to a total value of NOK2.2 billion.

More bacalao

Exports of dried cod, increased by 20 per cent in September to a value of NOK228 million. The value of dried saithe was up four per cent to NOK114 million.