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Seafish Funds Consultant For SFF

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SCOTLAND - Seafish, the authority on seafood, has awarded the Scottish Fishermen's Federation (SFF) a total of 40,740 from its Industry Project Fund (IPF) to fund the services of a Marine Environment & Planning Legislation Consultant.

The consultant's role will be to analyse proposals for marine policy and legislation and any possible impacts on the fishing industry and to disseminate this information to the SFF and, on a UK level, to the Marine Protected Areas Coalition.

Malcolm Morrison, Fisheries Policy Officer with the SFF, said: "This is a very important and supportive award. The complexity and breadth of marine legislation newly in force and in development is such that the industry is very badly placed to defend itself, or even understand the full impact, without expert assistance."

The consultant will be able to represent the fishing industry at all political and bureaucratic levels as well as help develop industry's defence against any possible loss of the right to fish, allowing a much stronger case for co-operation between different sectors emerging in the marine area.

Seafish has announced more than 700,000 of funding for innovative projects and businesses from its Industry Project Fund. With significant partnership funding, these projects will be worth 1.5 million to industry.

The IPF, instigated in 2007 to support innovation and foster growth in all areas of the UK seafood industry, will support 15 new projects in its latest round, as well as the continuation of nine projects from previous funding rounds.