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Scottish salmon industry to top global growth rates

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The Scottish salmon industry is predicted to grow faster than the salmon sectors of any other country in the next three years, according to a new report.

Marine Harvest’s latest Salmon Farming Industry Handbook, which was published today, includes predictions from Kontali Analyse that the Scottish salmon industry will grow by 7 percent a year from 2018-2021, compared to growth of only 4 percent in Norway, and 1 percent in both Chile and North America. Meanwhile they predict combined growth in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Ireland Russia and Tasmania to be in the region of 6 percent.

Growth rates of the salmon sectors of key producing countries

© Kontali Analyse

According to the report, the reason for the slowdown in growth – from an annual average of 8 percent from 1995, to an average of 5 percent from 2005-2017, to a projected average of 4 percent from 2017-2021 is that “biological boundaries are being pushed”.

For the industry to grow faster, according to the report: “requires progress in technology, the development of improved pharmaceutical products, implementation of non-pharmaceutical techniques, improved industry regulations and inter-company cooperation.

“Too rapid growth without these measures in place adversely impacts biological indicators, costs, and in turn output.”

Vital statistics

The report includes an invaluable snapshot of the state of the salmon industry, with a plethora of useful statistics on the state of the sector from around the world. Including the industry structure.

The world's top salmon producing companies, by country

© Marine Harvest

It also features a wide range of information on the costs of setting up and running a salmon farm, making it a must read for potential investors in the salmon sector and those considering joining the industry.