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Scope of Aquaculture Laws Cause Concern Amongst Senators

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CHILE - Three Chilean senators expressed their concerns regarding the scope of the new General Fisheries and Aquaculture Law (LGPA), which will be debated by the Senate Fisheries Commission this week.

On 20 May, the House of Representatives' Commission of Internal Revenue approved the bill that modifies the LGPA, an initiative aimed at improving the sanitary and production-oriented regulations of the salmon farming industry, which has been fighting salmon infectious anemia (ISA) virus for some time now, reports Samudra News.

According to Senator Antonio Horvath, president of the Fisheries Commission, the aquaculture sector faces two serious problems: the outbreak of the ISA virus and the international financial crisis.

The Commission has analysed the labour and social situation of the aquaculture workers of Regions X, XI and XII, Horvath said. Many of these have been dismissed from the firms Pesquera Camanchaca, Cultivos Marinos Chiloe and AquaChile, among others.

Senator Nelson Avila also expressed concern in that they are "just days from receiving a project in the Senate that aims to grant concessions in Region XI as collateral for banks so that these can solve the problems of the salmon industry."

"Based on what we generally know, the fact that the State is moving forward in a direction like that of the project is worrisome, and to me, in particular, seems extraordinarily dangerous due to the precedents it would set for other sectors," the legislator said.