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Science and strong commercial links vital for future development, says report

NORWAY - Emminent research institute Fiskeriforskning has published its annual report. The offers a clear and valuable insight into the centre's many R & D projects covering all aspects of aquaculture, from production to marketing.

The report aims to provide a comprehensive insight into Fiskeriforskning's activities.

The 60-page document offers a sample of the institutes many research activities, as well as a presentation of the organisation's two main work areas: aquaculture research and industry and market oriented research.

It also contains key information and an overview of its research facilities and it's associated industrial partners throughout the world.

Competence is a prerequisite for the industry in tackling the main challenges, and the institute is well placed to help the fish industry worldwide, says Managing Director Ivan Burkow.

He believes that Fiskeriforskning has a central role to achieve national goals for value added production and the development of competitive activities.

The past year has seen closer working relationships with industry and positive developments and innovation which have contributed to expansion and greater efficiency within aquaculture, both profitably and environmentally.

"We believe that by uniting research-based competence about market requirements and relevant science we will be able to offer profitable solutions for a sustainable aquaculture sector and consumer oriented seafood industry," said Burkow.

Fiskeriforskning reports that its links with North American and European industries have been strengthened during the past 12 months. The institute is also heavily involved with the EU's Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. It also has on-going projects in Russia.

All reports, scientific articles and posters published by Fiskeriforskning's staff during the past year and an insight into purposed research projects are listed in the report.

Further Information

To view the 2006 Annual Report, please click here (PDF Format)