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Salmon vaccine sales rise

8 May 2018, at 5:34pm

Sales of salmon vaccines in Norway ended at 13.1 million doses, up from 12.8 million doses in April 2017.

Total sales of vaccines to salmon in Norway over the last 12 months were 346.8 million doses, up 2.6 percent from the previous 12-month period, according to the latest figures from Pharmaq.

The vaccination of the S1 smolts started in late August, and 175.6 million doses have been ordered so far. At the same time last year 169.8 million vaccine doses were purchased to the S1-2017.

In April total sales of pancreas disease (PD) vaccines were 4.1 million doses, of which 3.4 million doses were single component PD vaccines.

April vaccine sales to trout were 335,000 doses compared to 0 registered in April 2017. Total sales of vaccines to trout over the last twelve months were 22.0 million doses, up from 18.6 million doses in the previous 12 month period.


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