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Rosemary Preserves Prawns, Naturally

SLOVENIA - A rosemary-derived natural preservative is now available to seafood processors to extend the shelf-life of prawns.

Aquarox 10 is produced by herbal extracts specialist Vitiva. It already has a two-year proven track record in other food processing applications, and has now been introduced to the seafood sector after substantial trials.

Vitiva CEO Ohad Cohen said consumer demand for fresh seafood that does not contain synthetic preservatives means there is a place in the market for a natural solution, like Aquarox 10.

"We have tested Aquarox on prawns sold in vacuum packs and in brine solution. The results show that using the new rosemary formulation in concentration of 0.2 per cent on prawns in storage helps in maintaining their original great taste and colour for up to five days, while sustaining excellent microbiological stability," said Cohen.

Natural vogue

The ingredient is described as an easy-to-apply water-based solution that is rich in rosmarinic acid. The antioxidant activity of rosemarinic is said to be stronger than that of vitamin E. This means that it helps to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals, which is thought to cause chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Other variants in the Aquarox line have been aimed at supplements and nutraceuticals use.

This development follows news that food technologists at Illinois State University have discovered that Grape-seed extract is a viable, natural food preservative for pork products.

The extract has powerful antioxidant activity and can be used successfully to preserve meat quality in pre-cooked, frozen and refrigerated ready-to-eat meals as an alternative to synthetic ingredients.

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