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Rising Feed Prices: The Effect On Production


A new FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper, Impact of rising feed ingredient prices on aquafeeds and aquaculture production, investigates and evaluates the underlying reasons for the recent dramatic rise in prices of many of the commodities (e.g., soybean, corn, fishmeal, fish oil, rice and wheat) used in aquafeed production.

The study also looks at its consequences for the aquafeed industry and, in particular, on demand and expectations from aquaculture in ensuring current and future fish supplies - with particular reference to Asia and Europe.

The document outlines initiatives to find substitutes for fishmeal and fish oil so as to position the industry to meet the challenge of securing aquafeed for sustaining aquaculture.

It also provides a brief overview of coping strategies to strengthen national capacity to address the issue of aquafeed supply and to mitigate rising prices of aquafeed ingredients, including policies, research and private sector and farmers’ initiatives.