Residents clam up on geoduck opposition

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
26 January 2007, at 12:00am

CANADA - Nicholas Simons, New Democratic Party (NDP) MLA for Powell River-Sunshine Coast, isn't sure the public knows enough about the potential impact of geoduck farms to raise objections.

"If the public has given consent to this, I'm not sure it was informed consent," Simons said. "In fact, I think these licences have caught a lot of people by surprise."

The BC government has approved three tenures for geoduck farms in the Powell River area, including a licence to Underwater Harvesters Association for 25.5 hectares off the west side of Hernando Island, to Manatee Holdings Ltd. for 89.1 hectares off the southeast side of Savary Island and to Fan Seafoods Ltd. for 72.5 hectares off the southeast side of Savary Island.

Area residents have not contacted Simons or Patrick Brabazon, Electoral Area A director on the Powell River Regional District (PRRD), with concerns.

The PRRD board of directors passed three separate motions in May 2006 which stated the regional district had no objections to the applications.

Brabazon made the motions, even though, he said, he has some concerns about the licences. "I have the same concerns I always have with this, which is the lack of scientific research," he said. "But it's a provincial government policy that they will do it without the research."

Source: Peak Online