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Renovated Hatchery Re-opens

SOUTH DAKOTA - The Cleghorn Springs State Fish Hatchery is back in the fish business.

The hatchery, a familiar landmark along S.D. Highway 44 west of Canyon Lake, is rearing rainbow trout and Chinook salmon following a 16-month, $6.5-million renovation project that shut it down for fish production during 2007.

The hatchery opened to the public last week, attracting a limited number of visitors that hatchery manager Will Sayler expects to increase as word gets out that Cleghorn is open.

"The public is welcome. If they catch one of us, we'll be happy to show them through the inside building and look at the fish," Sayler said. "And they can walk around outside and through the big building on their own."

Although open, the hatchery will take most of a year to get back to full production because it is essentially starting from scratch with tanks of baby trout and salmon. Typically, there would also be other fish at various stages of development in the hatchery.

Source: Rapid City Journal