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Redundancies At The Institute Of Aquaculture, Stirling

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SCOTLAND, UK - The Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling has confirmed that they will be going ahead with making 17 staff at the Institute redundant.

Students demonstrate at outside the Institute of Aquaculture, Stirling

This move has sparked fury with students, staff and alumni of the Institute.

A spokesperson from the Institute has said that the redundancies will likely have a significant effect on both the teaching and also the research services that the Institute of Aquaculture can offer in the future to its worldwide clientele.

In a notice to staff, the University Principal Gerry McCormac, said that the difficult decision to make 17 members of staff redundant was due to continued financial losses facing the Institute.

He said the this action, which would reduce deficit, would not affect the provision of core services, and would ensure that the Institute remains the leading international centre in its field.

Yesterday, students, members of staff and supporters of the Institute gathered at the University to demonstrate against this decision.

The University's management has been accused of making unrealistic and unreliable decisions, and it has been suggested that although a consultation was held, no notice to any recommendations has been paid.

Alumni in Bangladesh demonstrate to support the Institute of Aquaculture

One member of staff said: "University Court considered tabled papers (that were not read in advance) for barely 45 minutes and then simply rubber-stamped the ridiculous, unfair and unjustified proposals put forward by an ill-informed management after a highly dubious 'consultation' process (is it consultation when one side does not listen at all?). 17 staff will be made compulsorily redundant (10 support, 7 academic). It is highly likely that most dismissals will be appealed at significant cost to the University and its reputation. "

Alumni at the Bangladesh Agricultural University organised a protest rally in their University campus. The Fishery Faculty has enjoyed long term, close relationships with staff at the Institute in research and teaching and they are shocked at the prospect of further collaborations with Stirling being significantly reduced due to both redundancies and remaining staff having increased workloads.

Prof Abdul Wahab the Head and Director of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Faculty at BAU (and a former Stirling graduate) called on the British government to urgently look into these proposed redundancies at a time when aquaculture and the provision of sustainable fish production was becoming increasingly important to feed the increasing global population.