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Reduction fisheries improvement project launched

Fisheries Feed ingredients

A new programme has been launched today to help improve the sustainability of reduction fisheries – ie those that catch fish primarily for conversion into fish meal and fish oil.

Launched by the IFFO RS, it aims to provide clear and useful guidance to those engaged in reduction fisheries who do not currently meet the IFFO RS certification requirements, by bringing them in line with internationally recognised Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) guidelines.

IFFO hopes that this mechanism will promote the path towards responsible supply of fishmeal and fish oil aligned with its aim to “improve the global responsibility of the sourcing and production of marine ingredients.”

Many vessels target anchovies and other small pelagic fish which are then turned into fishmeal and fish oil

“FisheryProgress and IFFO RS share a common goal of helping fisheries make demonstrable progress toward more sustainable practices,” said Kristin Sherwood, programme director at FishChoice, the organisation that powers FisheryProgress, an online platform that offers verified progress-tracking for global fishery improvement projects. “We are delighted to collaborate with IFFO RS and the fisheries engaged in its improver program to provide a consistent way for these fisheries to track their improvement over time against relevant IFFO RS criteria.”

Michiel Fransen from the ASC says: “Providing means for fisheries to improve their (sustainability) performance is important – not only for the fisheries themselves, but also for the producers and users of fish meal and oil. ASC welcomes the IFFO RS Improver Programme and sees it as an important element to help feed fisheries progress towards responsible practices and management.”

Francisco Aldon, head of operations at IFFO RS, says: “We are proud to launch a very comprehensive mechanism that will provide the necessary steps to implement a plan of improvement for reduction fisheries as required by the market. In this way we are encouraging responsible behaviour for a sustainable future.”