Red Tape Cut for South Australian Aquaculture Industry

3 August 2016, at 1:00am

AUSTRALIA - The South Australian State Government has introduced changes to aquaculture regulations for the state's $225 million aquaculture industry.

South Australia’s aquaculture industry produces a variety of species and is the second largest aquaculture industry in Australia.

The new Aquaculture Regulations 2016 update, strengthen and simplify regulations in key areas, including environmental monitoring, biosecurity and risk management.

Key changes include:

  • introducing a new environmental monitoring programme;
  • simplifying and improving stock register reporting requirements to improve stock traceability and biosecurity measures;
  • elevating the development of risk management strategies to a sector-based level to reduce the regulatory burden for individual operators
  • improving public reporting of aquaculture activities to increase transparency.

The government said the changes have been developed to support aquaculture industry growth in a productive, competitive and ecologically sustainable way, while reducing red-tape and improving business efficiencies for operators.