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Record Growth For Norwegian Seafood

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NORWAY - At the end of February, the export value of Norwegian Seafood was NOK 9 billion. Recent figures from the Norwegian Seafood Export Council (NSEC) show an increase of NOK 1.3 billion or 17 per cent, in comparison with the same period last year.

Exports for the month of February amounted to NOK 4.8 billion, which is an increase of NOK 626 million or 15 per cent. This means that new export records have been set for the month of February, and for the January/February period.

At the end of February, the export value of salmon reached NOK 4.7 billion. The volume has remained steady at 111 thousand tonnes. The price for whole fresh salmon has increased by NOK 8.60 to an average of NOK 39.46 so far this year.

In February, the price reached NOK 40.46. Russia has shown an increase so far this year of NOK 149 million, or 46 per cent, giving the salmon market the greatest growth. France is still the largest market for Norwegian salmon, with an export value of NOK 670 million, which represents an increase of 21 per cent, compared with the first two months of last year.

The export of herring increased by NOK 203 million to a total value of NOK 1.2 billion at the end of February. Germany is the market for herring that has shown the most growth in 2011.

The increase so far this year totals NOK 126 million, to a total value of NOK 272 million. The German market is mainly for frozen herring fillets and herring flaps. Russia is the largest market, with a value of NOK 280 million, which is the same value as the two first months of 2010. Exports of mackerel increased by NOK 141 million to a total of NOK 481 million. The South Korean market showed the greatest growth for mackerel in 2011.

Mackerel worth NOK 77 million was exported to South Korea, representing an increase of NOK 43 million. China is the largest market for mackerel, with a value of NOK 89 million, although Russia comes a close second with a value of NOK 80 million.

Exports of fresh cod, including fillets, increased by NOK 63 million or 27 per cent to a total value of NOK 292 million. We see the greatest growth in exports to Portugal, Denmark and Spain. Prices remain at the same level as 2010, while volumes are increasing.

Clipfish exports increased in January and February by NOK 40 million, to a total value of NOK 716 million. It is mainly clipfish from saithe that is responsible for the growth, and Brazil is the country that is increasing imports.

Exports of salt fish have increased by NOK 66 million, or 52 per cent, so far this year to a total value of NOK 192 million. Portugal is mainly responsible for the growth, with an increase of 148 per cent. The total volume growth is 31 per cent, which once again shows that salt fish is achieving a higher price than in 2010.

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