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Public Recognition of Benefits of Animal Medicines Growing

06 May 2013, at 1:00am

UK - The new Chairman of the National Office for Animal Health (NOAH) has said public perceptions about animal medicines and the need for science to help support food production are becoming increasingly positive.

John Hanley, VP and General Manager UK and Ireland for Zoetis, was speaking at the NOAH Annual Dinner, at the Tower Hotel in London, where his Chairmanship was announced.

Mr Hanley said that while there were a number of misconceptions about the way animal medicines are used on farms, the recent NOAH consumer survey had shown that public concern about medicine use remained low, much below concern about animals’ living conditions and hygiene in food production.

He added that the need to encourage innovation was now increasingly acknowledged: the upcoming European Review of Veterinary Medicines legislation could provide a chance to bring about extension of patents, as well as a true single market for veterinary medicines. This would have a positive impact on research and development and a beneficial effect on animal welfare.

“This is a good time for our industry. The public are becoming increasingly aware of the value of the work we do both in terms of care for their companion animals and for animals in the food chain.

“In the 27 years since the inception of NOAH, the need for the association is as strong today as ever it was, and we have a strong association.

“Our role in giving the industry view to UK and EU regulators is important for access to the market, new product registrations and innovation. Our big challenge, or opportunity, over the next few years is the European Veterinary Medicines Regulatory review,” he said.

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