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Protest over Threat to Wild Salmon

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CANADA - More than 700 protestors turned out at the weekend for a rally to protest over the threat to wild salmon stocks.

The protestors at the art gallery in Vancouver heard speeches from Alexandra Morton, Chief Bob Chamberlin, Chief Robert Joseph, Larry Dill, Shannon Ellis, and others.

The rally, Wild Salmon, trun the Tide was organised by the Wild Salmon Circle, who ddescribe themselves as a group of citizens concerned about the possible extinction of wild salmon stocks in BC.

"We do not represent any particular NGO, agency, special interest or lobby group. We are BC citizens who want wild salmon to thrive for our children and all future generations," they say.

The groups says its focus is to have open-net fish farms removed from B.C. waters.

The protestors claim that fish farms on wild salmon migration routes are wreaking havoc with wild salmon populations.

"We may lose them. Unless we push hard, and push hard now for change. This is the time for all persons to come to the aid of wild salmon, so we can see our waters teeming again with salmon, as in years past," says Wild Salmon Circle.