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Promoting Safe Production Methods

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CHINA - The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture held a meeting, earlier in the month, on Safe Fishery Production and the Establishment of Model Ports.

The meeting, which was held in Dalian, aimed to strengthen the work on safe fishery production and establish an effective mechanism for safe fishery production management.

The participants analysed the current situation for the work on safe fishery production, summarised the results of the activities for safe fishery production and establishment of model fishing ports, and conducted in-depth study and made arrangements on strengthening grassroots fundamental work and carrying out the work on safe fishery demonstration counties and establishment of model fishing ports, and developing an effective mechanism for safe fishery production management. In addition, the first list of national-level model fishing ports was announced and 20 fishing ports on the list were accorded the plate for this reputation.

The requirements for the fishery authorities at all levels identified at this meeting were as follows: continuously attach great importance to the work on safe fishery production, fully recognise the difficulties and complexity for such work, take well-targeted measures, constantly innovate in the work mechanism on safe fishery production, strengthen the grassroots fundamental work, apply the safe production accountability, carry out the activities on establishment of “safe fishery demonstration counties” and model fishing ports, effectively implement the training for fishing vessel sailors and related management systems, raise fishermen’s awareness and skills of safe production, facilitate the development of infrastructure for safe fishery production, enhance the supervision and management on the safety of overseas fishery activities, resolve the tricky issues of safe fishery production management, and promote steady improvement in the situation of safe fishery production.

It was emphasised at this meeting that, considering the autumn and winter seasons were coming, the summer fishing moratorium had ended successively, the high season of fishery production was approaching, and it was in the period of frequent typhoon. Fishery authorities at all levels were expected to build confidence, combat all difficulties, adhere to the principle of “early prevention, front-line commanding, focus on local priorities”, work out relevant plans suited for the local conditions, give priority to the work on recalling fishing vessels in case of typhoon, people’s evacuation, aquaculture facility protection and information reporting, assist the government to conduct relief and production rehabilitation activities, and make positive contribution to the sustained and sound development of fisheries and the development of modern fisheries.