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Production Units to Create Jobs in Fisheries, Aquaculture

24 July 2012, at 1:00am

MEXICO - As a result of the work of more than 19,000 production units in the fisheries and aquaculture sector, more than 250,000 fishermen from Mexico produced in 2011 1,660,000 tons of seafood.

The coastal and inland waters of the country in 2011 generated over 1,660, 000 tons of fishery and aquaculture products, which were the result of work conducted in 19,696 economic units linked to the sector, informed the Commission National Aquaculture and Fisheries (CONAPESCA).

These activities have triggered the growth of investment and productivity in this sector, providing a direct income for more than 250,000 fishermen.

The national fisheries production is subject to factors of production, commercial, government building and seasonality, among other elements that differentially affect the generation of marine goods and have placed the country as the fifteenth largest producer in the world and third in Latin America.

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