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Probiotic aims for Asian shrimp

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A new probiotic that could lessen the use of antibiotics in the shrimp industry is set to be launched by Evonik at VIV Asia, in Bangkok, this week.

Called Ecobiol, it is designed for the use in poultry production and aquaculture and was acquired by Evonik from the Spanish company Norel in 2016.

According to Evonik, Ecobiol helps to maintain the natural gut balance and has a positive effect on the gut microbiome that has been scientifically proven (in vitro and in vivo).

Emmanuel Auer, Head of the Animal Nutrition business line at Evonik, says: “We consider Ecobiol a key element towards the reduction of antibiotic growth promoters. This way, we contribute to healthy and sustainable animal nutrition.”

A healthy gut prevents inflammatory diseases, which can cause high costs in livestock management.

“Ecobiol shows very positive results in both poultry and aquaculture, for instance under various stress conditions. That has been demonstrated in scientific studies as well as in commercial use. For our customers in South East Asia this is of focal interest, particularly in shrimp farming,” says Peter Freisler, Evonik’s Head of Gut Health Solutions.