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Predicted $1 Billion On Seafood Sales

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BANGLADESH - Bangladesh's seafood sales are set to pass $1 billion mark.

It has been predicted that Bangladesh’s shrimp and white fish exports may double to around $1 billion over the next year, thanks to US approval of imports from the country, says

Last year, Bangladesh exported $437.4 million worth of frozen food, including shrimp and white fish. Around $511 million is expected for the first ten months of the present fiscal year.

This year’s rapid growth marks a recovery for the industry whose exports slumped for the first time in 2009, due to the global recession, to $454.53 million, down from $534.07 million in the previous 12 months.

In a bid to maintain global standards, top exporters like Meenhar Sea Food, Atlas, National, Rupsha Fish, Fresh Food, Sobi Sea Food and others have upgraded their processing and freezing facilities and conducted training for their workers to implement global standards.