Prawn Farm Causing Crop Losses

AUSTRALIA - Salt water pollution from a commercial prawn farm, is being blamed for damaging crops on a Wide Bay farm.

The Environmental Protection Agency says an investigation has found evidence of salt water leakage from prawn rearing ponds that is having a localised impact, says a report on ABC News.

A spokesman says the aquaculture company has been ordered to operate in a reduced capacity until it meets certain obligations.

But mango and citrus farmer Patrick O'Brien from Elliott Heads, says the leaking has occurred over a 12 year period. He wants to see the prawn farm closed down before more damage is done.

"I couldn't understand what was happening until I discovered that my bore was poisoned. Along our common boundary all my pasture withered away for a matter of about 15 to 20 metres adjacent to our common boundary, which is about 300 metres long," he said.

View the ABC News story by clicking here.

Ellen Hardy

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