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PIRSA Moves to Clean Up Invasive Seaweed

AUSTRALIA - Primary Industries and Resources South Australia (PIRSA) is taking action to remove a patch of the invasive seaweed Caulerpa taxifolia from an area within the North Haven marina near the public boat ramp.

The Director of Fisheries, Will Zacharin said it was likely the weed had been caught in boat anchors or other equipment and transferred from the Port River.

The operation - where divers will suction up the weed – will begin on Monday 12 May and is likely to take a few weeks. They will operate from a small punt moored just off the boat ramp.

Caulerpa taxifolia was first discovered in 2002 in West Lakes and the upper reaches of the Port River and is a threat to fisheries and aquaculture and aquatic acxtivities. The weed was successfully eradicated from West Lakes using freshwater.

Mr Zacharin urged people, who use the Port River for fishing, boating or other aquatic activities to continue efforts to keep Caulerpa taxifolia contained.

"To help stop the spread, it is important that if the weed is caught on boat anchors, fishing lines, diving equipment, that the weed is removed and not returned to the water," Mr Zacharin said.

"Just one small piece of weed can start a new infestation."

The North Haven infestation was discovered by a worker involved in sand dredging and recognising the importance of reporting the weed, rang Fishwatch.

More information about Caulerpa taxifolia is on the PIRSA website: