Piranha or Thai Chanda?

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by The Fish Site
10 September 2007, at 1:00am

BANGLADESH - Fish farmers and hatchery owners in Mymensingh have claimed that fishery authorities have 'branded' their Thai Chanda as Piranha and asked them to destroy those.

A farmer with a Thai Chanda and a Piranha fish with sharp teeth (right)

Piranha eats other fishes and is harmful to the environment.

Fish farmers at a recent press conference at a hatchery at Ragabpur in Sadar upazila claimed that Thai Chanda is being cultivated in Bangladesh for long. The authorities have "wrongly" identified it (Thai Chanda) as Piranha, they claimed.

There are around Tk 1,000 Thai Chanda fishes and fries in some 100 hatcheries and several hundred farms in Mymensingh and Comilla districts, the farmers said at the press conference.

They also informed that Thai Chanda belongs to Colossama species. It is known as Pacu, Pirapitinga and Pal Pacu in Thailand and is consumed widely in that country.

Piranha is available in South America and Guyana and is also eaten by humans there.

Source: TheDailyStar