Pink salmon opening in BC a smoke screen from Ottawa: fisherman

BRITISH COLUMBIA - The Department of Fisheries and Oceans allowed commercial fishermen onto the Fraser River on Monday to harvest pink salmon - a less valuable cousin of the sockeye - during a heated fishing season in British Columbia. </b> <br><br> But fishermen say the move is a feeble attempt to mask the colossal mismanagement of the sockeye fishery, which the federal government closed two weeks ago after citing conservation concerns. <br><br> Paul Ryall, a manager with the Fisheries Department, said there are about 16 million pinks returning to the Fraser River, with 25 per cent of the mix being sockeye. &quot;It&#39;s managing to stay within our sockeye conservation limits but we&#39;re waiting for the proportion of pinks to keep increasing,&quot; Ryall said. <br><br> He said DFO officials will continue to monitor the pinks fishery to determine if it will continue. &quot;The overriding thing in all this is to stay within our conservation limits on sockeye.&quot; <br><br> <i>Source: Brandon Sun</i>

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