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A new dawn for fish and shellfish sterility?

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The Center for Aquaculture Technologies (CAT) has filed a patent for a method to render farmed fish, shrimp and molluscs sterile.

Dr John Buchanan, CEO of CAT, commented: “This technology has broad applicability for aquaculture, with the ability to significantly improve productivity in grow-out while providing environmental protection for the industry. Thanks to our dedicated research team led by Dr Xavier Lauth, we plan to soon offer this efficient technology to achieve 100 percent sterility in the animals in an aquaculture production system.”

Although CAT has not released details about the technique or technology involved, it claims that the is the first in a planned family of patents covering tools and methods for making aquatic organisms sterile. This has a number of advantages, not least lessening the environmental impact caused by any farmed stock that escapes, as it prevents them from interbreeding with wild populations. Current methods used include the induction of triploidy and gene editing, though only the former is currently permitted commercially.

CAT operates in two laboratories: its research hub in San Diego and the world’s only Level 3 certified pathogen-proof private aquaculture wet lab, located on Prince Edward Island in Canada. Thanks to the expertise of its team and the unique versatility of its labs, CAT is enabling the aquaculture industry to achieve efficient production growth without endangering the natural environment.

CAT is now in active discussions with several potential investors to further develop its current R&D portfolio, with an opportunity to capitalise on the new biotechnologies that bring changes to the growing aquaculture sector. The sole shareholder of CAT is currently Linnaeus Capital Partners BV, based in Amsterdam.

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