Pan Fish chief hits at Commission over Scots, Irish influence

by 5m Editor
7 April 2006, at 1:00am

EU - A Leading member of the Norwegian aquaculture sector has launched an outspoken attack on the European Commission for being &quot;lured&quot; into a salmon prices regime by Scottish and Irish interests. Atle Eide, Pan Fish Chief Executive and board leader of the Norwegian Seafood Federation opened the aquaculture session at the Federation&#39;s Annual Meeting, held earlier this week in Oslo. In his speech he spoke of the challenges the Norwegian aquaculture sector is facing. He said: &quot;We are in a very demanding, but also very exciting time.&quot; The EU&#39;s council of ministers in January this year implemented a minimum import price regime to be in force for five years. Despite &quot;significant and costly effort&quot; from the industry throughout 2005 to avoid the &quot;unjust&quot; punishment measures - firstly through a safeguard case and later through a dumping case - the EU had implemented a policy that at the expense of close to 20.000 jobs in the Community, would protect the interests of an &quot;ineffective little group&quot; in the Scottish and Irish fish farming industry. This was he went on &quot;A group that, against all we in this room believe in, puts artificial protectionism ahead of dynamic development and improvement of its own achievements&quot;. <i>Source: FishUpdate</i>

5m Editor