Ottawa injects federal funds to boost sagging cod fishery

OTTAWA - With the cod fishery on the East Coast still in a precarious state, the federal government is investing nearly $6.5-million to help spawn a commercial revival of stocks through cod farming.</b> <br><br> The money is being funnelled into research aimed at growing a hardier variety of cod that can withstand the pressures of being raised in captivity, fatten quickly and feed a lucrative new aquaculture industry. <br><br> &quot;With the collapse of the cod fishery, the supply is no longer there,&quot; said Nell Halse, a spokeswoman with Cooke Aquaculture, a St. George, N.B., salmon-farming company involved in the project. <br><br> &quot;What happens with farming is you get a consistent year-round supply, which is something you can&#39;t get, of course, when you are dealing with a wild fishery -- you are dealing with cycles there,&quot; she said. <br><br> <i>Source: The Globe and Mail</i>

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