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Orego-Stim Aquatract Launched In Chile

by 5m Editor
12 November 2010, at 12:00am

CHILE - Orego-Stim Aquatract has been officially launched at Aqua Sur 2010 in Chile.

Mr Matt Pearce of Meriden Animal Health Limited and the Chilean distributors Pharmagro Ltda attended the 6th International event that took place in Puerto Montt. This year Aqua Sur was attended by 15,000 visitors and 700 companies from over 40 countries.

Mr Pearce's technical presentation ‘Orego-Stim® Aquatract: A new method of increasing productivity and profitability in aquaculture’ further explained the unique mechanisms of action and applications of this innovative product. As Orego-Stim is used globally in the diets of a variety of commercial livestock species, the audience was extremely interested in how this could be applied to the Aqua industry.

After a busy and highly valuable three days, both Pharmagro Ltda and Meriden Animal Health Ltd are looking forward to the benefits that Orego-Stim® Aquatract is able to offer to increase production and maximise overall performance in the Chilean salmon and trout industry.


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