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NZ Reformists still waiting for new Aqua Management Area's

NEW ZEALAND - Delays in creating any new aquaculture management areas are becoming increasingly frustrating for iwi, who the National Party says are "owed" 898 hectares of marine space in Tasman.

National Party fisheries spokesman Phil Heatley said that since aquaculture reforms came into effect in January 2005 not a single new aquaculture management area (AMA) had been created anywhere in the country.

In the reforms Maori were promised 20 percent of existing aquaculture space, and 20 percent of future space.

He said Maori were owed 1943 hectares nationally, or roughly 240 farms. In Tasman they were entitled to a 898ha allocation, and in Marlborough more than 300ha.

"Labour has put in place a cumbersome set of regulations which have come to zilch after two full years," Mr Heatley said. "Fisheries Minister Jim Anderton has thrown committees at the problem, cash at the problem and made all sorts of lofty promises. But even he must now concede something's gone horribly wrong with the reforms."

Mr Anderton was unavailable for comment.

Source: The Nelson Mail