Norway Royal Salmon sounds the alarm over potential ISA outbreak

Norway Royal Salmon ASA has reported a potential outbreak of infectious salmon anaemia in its Dønnesfjord operating area.

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
6 July 2020, at 8:24am

The NRS farming locations Næringsbukta, Klubben and Børfjord have reported a potential outbreak of infectious salmon anaemia, a viral disease that causes severe anaemia, severe accumulation of fluid in the body cavity and internal organ haemorrhages.

The company is waiting to confirm the presence of orthomyxovirus, the causative agent of the disease. As the outbreak has not been officially confirmed, it is difficult for NRS assess any potential losses or welfare impacts. In a statement issued on 6 July, the company said it continues to work to identify the extent of the infection and potential economic losses.

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