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North West - Bambalang Takes Lead in Inland Fish Farming

CAMEROON - The Ngoketungia Division of Cameroon in the North west Province is playing a leading role in the country's fishing industry, despite being inland.

The main fishing area is Bambalang where the Bamendjin dam is the centre for hundreds of fishermen.

The Bamendjin dam was built in the 1970's to increase water supply to generate electricity at Songlulu. Floods from the dam now cover an extensive part of the West province and the Ndop plain which represent the largest body of water with fish farming potentials in the North West, according to All Africa.

The fishermen and women organise themselves into groups to coordinate and ensure larger catches, which provide a substantial proportion of the 15,000 tonnes of fish produced in the province annually.

The main catch in the region consists of Tilapia, Clarias and Carp.

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