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Nordic Group Markets Frozen Cobia From Marine Farms

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US - Boston-based Nordic Group, Inc. has entered into an exclusive agreement with Marine Farms A/S of Bergen, Norway, to sell Marine Farms Vietnam frozen farm-raised Cobia products in the US and Canada.

Nordic Group will market the Marine Farms Vietnam production under the “akvacobia” brand. The logo is a reference to Marine Farms as the first to apply world-class Norwegian standards to the aquaculture of Cobia.

“For chefs and consumers, farm-raised Cobia is a “blank canvas.” People may have read about Cobia, but few have tried it. We must bring more than a package, but a product program to the marketplace,” says Nordic Group CEO Terje Korsnes.

“By this, I mean innovative portion cuts, such as long loins rather than the older worn out product concepts. We realise a demand for the highest quality, so all akvacobia brand farm raised Cobia will be processed to Japanese government sashimi standards. This recognised higher standard of quality creates appeal at every level of the trade, from sushi bar to white table cloth restaurant.”

Industry experts predict as the next seafood sensation on the restaurant menu. Though Cobia is highly prized by sport fishermen, as solitary swimmers, there is no directed fishery for the species. Cobia is a nutritious fish with white meat and mild taste. The fat content is 18 per cent. akvacobia (always spelled in small caps!) brand farm raised Cobia has more Omega Three oils than salmon.

“We have worked hard with chefs in culinary evaluations,” says Harvey Lipman, Director of New Business Development for the Nordic Group. “ From surveys, we know there is a strong, unfulfilled demand for white meat fish on the menu. Our akvacobia brand meets the correct taste profile. The long loin is skinless, boneless with all the red meat removed. The kitchen yield is an extraordinary 100 per cent. We can present akvacobia brand farm raised Cobia as new, versatile, and with real value to the buyer. Sashimi quality makes this an even more outstanding proposition.”

Since 1967, Nordic Group, with offices in Boston and Trondheim, Norway, has a reputation for premium frozen seafood. What began as an effort to import Norwegian seafood to North America has now expanded to apply Norwegian standards to fishery resources worldwide. The Nordic Group product line includes frozen cod, haddock, freshwater fish, farm-raised salmon and now akvacobia brand farm raised Cobia.