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Nofima Asks How Seafood Affects Health

NORWAY - It is widely known that seafood is healthy, but why is seafood so favourable for your health? Nofima was commissioned by the Norwegian Seafood Association to produce a brochure on the topic.

"Sea and health" is the title of the new brochure that was presented during the Safe Food Day in Trondheim on August 14. Scientist Rune Larsen at Nofima Marine had a central role in the preparation of the brochure.

"The objective of the brochure is to provide information about the health benefits and nutritional content of seafood," says Larsen. "The brochure is aimed at the man in the street and can be downloaded free on the internet."

The brochure features the preventative effects of seafood on cardiovascular disease and lists the content of fat, nutrients, vitamins and minerals in different types of fish and seafood.

The authorities want people to consume more fish and shellfish, and it is hoped that this brochure will contribute to increased consumption of these food products.

The brochure is currently in Norwegian language only.