No SBA loans to aquaculture

NEW ENGLAND - The first trickle of federal aid to fishermen affected by New England&#39;s largest-ever red-tide bloom will leave out at least one important local segment of the industry.</B> <br><br> Small Business Administration regional director William Leggerio confirmed yesterday what some Wellfleet aquaculturists already suspected. &#39;&#39;Anyone involved in agriculture ... is not eligible for the Small Business Administration&#39;s disaster program loans,&#39;&#39; he said. <br><br> The SBA is the first federal agency to respond to Gov. Mitt Romney&#39;s and the Massachusetts and New England congressional delegation&#39;s pleas for help. Thousands of fishermen and aquaculturists across New England are out of work because of shellfish closures from red tide. <br><br> Red tide&#39;s Alexandrium algae produce a toxin that are concentrated in shellfish that feed on the algae. <br><br> <i>Source:</I>

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