Newsletter editor ends 6-year term

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
5 November 2006, at 12:00am

Dr. William Enright, International Marketing & Pharmaceutical Manager for the Aquatic Animal Health (AAH) Division, has decided to return to his native country of Ireland.

William with two other new colleagues in Intervet Ireland, Ciara Feeney and Lesley Pim

After nearly 11 years with Intervet International bv in Boxmeer, The Netherlands, William has accepted the position of Marketing Manager for the Companion Animal & Equine Business Unit at Intervet Ireland. It is a great opportunity for William to return to Ireland and yet stay within the Intervet family. His new position is within a newly restructured team in Ireland and the change in species focus and the more commercial environment will offer William new and exciting challenges and learning opportunities.

One of the more obvious initiatives that William was responsible for is this series of Intervet AAH Newsletters, this issue 13 being the last that William will edit. The first issue was published in October 2000 and has appeared at 6-month-intervals ever since. We believe that the usefulness and high quality of this publication has been due to a large extent to the efforts of William. The future Editor will be mentioned in issue 14.

We are obviously sorry to see William leave AAH after seven years (he joined the AAH Division on August 1, 1999) but understand his desire to return to his roots. We thank William for his contribution not only to the AAH newsletters but indeed to our AAH programme in general, and we wish him well for his continued success within Intervet.