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New Zealand Introduce the Great Fish Guide

NEW ZEALAND - New Zealand's first Great Fish Guide was launched recently and is available in selected supermarkets and fish retailers throughout the country.

The Great Fish Guide is a first for the brand, New Zealand Seafood. The greatest meal on Earth, and is designed to help New Zealanders learn more about the health benefits of seafood, particularly those of long chain omega-3 fatty acids.

New Zealand Seafood, The greatest meal on Earth spokesperson Sarah Crysell says the guide is an easy tool for kiwis to use ensuring they get the Ministry of Health-recommended minimum twice weekly serving of seafood.

"Often people are unaware of how good New Zealand seafood is for us "
spokesperson Sarah Crysell

"The Great Fish Guide lists more than 35 seafood types and their omega-3 value as well as 12 suggested cooking methods for each. Often people are unaware of how good New Zealand seafood is for us and many New Zealanders are unsure of how to cook fish and shellfish, but the guide makes this easy."

Research1 shows that eating at least two servings of seafood per week can be associated with a lower risk and prevalence of heart disease. Seafood also has numerous other benefits for the brain, growth, weight maintenance, reducing body fat and general health. Research further suggests that seafood is critical for foetal brain development, which makes it an important food for expectant mothers2.

Auckland mother of two Debra Sturm says the wallet size card has made it hassle-free and enjoyable for her family to increase their weekly intake of seafood.

"Sometimes availability at the fish market or supermarket is confusing but the guide means that you can look it up then and there and be informed about which of the available seafood choices will suit what you want to cook, and the cooking method you want to use," she says.

Mrs Crysell says there are five Great Fish Guide's available and each has a different delicious and healthy recipe to try.

"We are encouraging people to collect all five for information on how to store seafood, eating seafood during pregnancy and to learn more about sustainable New Zealand seafood.

The Great Fish Guide is supported by an informative website -, where kiwi's can find more information about New Zealand seafood and dozens more seafood recipes.