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New Total Allowable Catch Quotas Set

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NEW ZEALAND - The New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) has announced that the NSW Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TAC) for lobster will be increased to 149 tonnes for the next 13 months and abalone catch will remain at 94 tonnes for the next 12 months.

NSW DPI, Research Leader Aquaculture and Centre Director, Dr Geoff Allan, said, a 13 month fishing period for lobsters from July 2011 to August 2012 had been approved.

The increase in Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TAC) for lobsters from 131 tonnes in 2010/2011 is great news for the NSW lobster fishing industry, Dr Allan said.

Our lobster industry is an important part of many coastal communities, particularly on the north coast, and it generated almost seven million NZ dollars, at the first point of sale, for the States economy last year."

The lobster fishery is performing extremely well with increasing numbers of lobster available for harvest, great market prices and a strong value for shares in the lobster fishery.

Dr Allan said the Total Allowable Catch Committee provided advice to the NSW Government on where the catch limits should be set.

The Committee is an independent group with expertise in fisheries science, fisheries management and economics, he said.

The Committee determines the TAC through careful consideration, which involves the latest research, information on commercial, recreational and illegal fishing catches, economic factors and industry views."

Managing our fisheries resources is important to both the public and the fishing industry."

We need to ensure a sustainable future so that new generations can enjoy and savour the best produce our waters have to offer, Dr Allan concluded.