New Nelson Nursery May Treble Oyster Earnings

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
10 June 2009, at 1:00am

NEW ZEALAND - A new oyster nursery in Nelson has the potential to treble New Zealands oyster export earnings.

A combination of biology and technology means large quantities of pristine oysters can be bred, and that could revolutionise the aquaculture industry, reports 3News.

At this stage of life these pacific oysters are delicate rather than a delicacy...but they've all been bred to be perfect specimens when they reach adulthood.

“Some of the things that we’ve been selecting for is shell colour, the shape of the shell and growth rate,” Oyster Researcher, Olin Pilcher, told 3News.

All of which can be achieved in each of the 50 million oysters New Zealand’s first large scale nursery has the potential to produce each year.