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New feed mill opened in China


Aller Aqua has opened a new mill in Quingdao, China, today, which has the capacity to prodice 45,000 tonnes of feed for the aquaculture industry each year.

The opening comes just one month after the Danish firm opened a feed mill in Zambia and is Aller Aqua’s first factory in Asia. It will focus on the growing cold-water species aquaculture industry in the region and will serve markets in China, Korea and Vietnam.

The new factory has a 45,000 tonne capacity

“Inaugurating 2 factories in 2 months is exceptional,” says Hans Erik Bylling, Group President for Aller Aqua Group. “We have had a few busy years leading up to the inaugurations and now we are finally ready. I am proud of what we have achieved.”

Anders C. Bylling, the son of Hans Erik, is MD of the new mill and explains that the process of building a factory in China has been long.

“We have had some delays along the way, but we reached our goal. Our Chinese team has worked exceptionally hard to have everything ready for the inauguration. It has been a very good day with almost 200 participants for the opening itself, and almost 300 participants to the International Cold Fish Aquaculture Technology Seminar we organized the day before.”

Henrik Halken, Carsten Jorgensen and Hans Erik Bylling

Aller Aqua chose to establish themselves in China without a Chinese partner, like other feed companies have done.

Hans Erik Bylling explains: “We chose to establish the factory without a local partner to ensure that we can continue to deliver the products that the customers are familiar with. We have delivered high quality aquafeed to China for the last 20 years, produced under European standards, and we will continue to run the factory like we would in Denmark. We will do this by sourcing the raw materials in Europe, and ensure a highly trained local team which knows how to comply with the European standards.”