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MSD Animal Health joins Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) to support sustainable salmon farming

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MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the US and Canada) is proud to announce its membership in the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), a leadership initiative by global farmed salmon producers that is focused on accelerating sustainability for salmon farming.

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“The global salmon business has a very bright future with strong demand and healthy growth,” said Dr Chris Beattie, Head of Global Aquaculture, MSD Animal Health.

“We align very closely with GSI’s vision of providing a highly sustainable source of healthy protein to feed a growing global population, while minimizing its environmental footprint. With fish health and welfare central to the future success of salmon farming, we see a natural fit between MSD Animal Health and GSI.”

By 2050, it is estimated that the world’s population will increase by 34 per cent to 9.1 billion people – doubling the demand for global food production, including fish protein.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations also estimates that about one billion people worldwide rely on fish as their primary source of animal protein. A healthy source of protein and essential fatty acids, farmed salmon is vital to balancing the needs of feeding the growing global population, and meeting the demand for healthy and sustainable protein production.

MSD Animal Health is committed to supporting global farmed salmon producers through a wide range of products and services for the environmentally and economically sustainable control of major aquaculture diseases around the world.