Move over salmon, Cooke's Cod squad is making waves

by 5m Editor
10 March 2006, at 12:00am

CANADA - The greenish waters of Kelly Cove, flanked on one side by the picturesque Green&#39;s Point Lighthouse and on the other by the Deer Island ferry landing, boiled Thursday as dozens of farm-raised cod were lifted from their sea cage and into the aquaculture history books. In a Canadian first, Cooke Aquaculture, New Brunswick&#39;s biggest salmon farmer, is bringing cod to market. &quot;This is a new frontier for us,&quot; Nell Halse, Cooke Aquaculture&#39;s communications director, said Thursday from the deck of a harvest boat. Company officials have high hopes for its cod, a species made more valuable because of the over-fishing of wild stocks. &quot;I think when we get these fish out to the marketplace and people get a taste for them, they&#39;ll command a good dollar,&quot; said Frank Powell, Cooke Aquaculture&#39;s manager for alternate species. &quot;We&#39;re quite proud.&quot; He&#39;s worked with these cod for the past two years, helping the company fine-tune its feed composition and frequency to grow the cod into a marketable commodity. Seeing the 70,000 fish that started as 20-gram pipsqueaks now glistening under a clear, sunny sky, Mr. Powell and his colleagues enjoyed a proud moment. <i>Source: CanadaEast</i>

5m Editor