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More Feed Mills Required to Grow Ghana's Aquaculture Industry

15 April 2015, at 1:00a.m.

GHANA - The Ghana government has been urged to take steps to increase local feed production to facilitate the growth and economic potential of the aquaculture industry.

This is based on a study of the aquaculture sector in Ghana which gives indication of great opportunities especially for tilapia farming, reports ModernGhana.

There's currently only one local fish feed manufacturer and that is regarded a major challenge in efforts to grow the sector. Most fish feed are imported thus increasing cost of production.

"I think definitely there is an opportunity to invest in a local production plant for fish feed because there is only one or two plants that produce fish feed," First Secretary at the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana, Thierry Van Helden, told Joy Business.

He is positive an investment in establishing local feed mills would bring down prices.

Among the other recommendations the Embassy is making is the concentration on fish processing locally as well as fingerling production to meet market demands.

The Netherlands Embassy, meanwhile is trying to lure investors from its country to explore the opportunities in Ghana's aquaculture sector.

"We want to stimulate Dutch companies to invest in the aquaculture sector in Ghana and to increase trade in that area so we can modernize and professionalize the sector to a higher level," Mr Van Helden said.

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