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Minister Starts New Model Aquaculture Project


SRI LANKA - A new aquaculture project to benefit poor families has been set up at Mukalangamuwa reservoir.

Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Minister, Felix Perera, has taken steps to start a model aquaculture project using the Mukalangamuwa reservoir to benefit low income families.

Daily News of Sri Lanka reports that a spokesman for the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources said this will facilitate the use of the two acre reservoir to provide income generation of avenues for 30 low-income fisher families in the Seeduwa area.

He said: "Special enclosures made with nets will be used to propagate tilapia.

"This project will provide supplying the people fish with rich of protein and prevent environmental pollution in the area.

"It will also prevent growth of algae."

Minister Perera also donated a sum of 59,600 rupees and 20,000 fingerling to the fish farmers in the area.

Families will also be given aquaculture training to breed more fish, reports Daily News.