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Minister Encourages Women In Fishing Sector

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
25 October 2011, at 1:00am

SPAIN - The Minister of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs, Rosa Aguilar, stressed "the commitment, effort and cooperation" of women involved in fishing, at the opening of the Second Congress of the Spanish Network of Women in the fishing industry in Malaga.

In this forum, the head of MARM encouraged the entrepreneurship of women in fisheries, stating that "your work as entrepreneurs is essential and crucial for the present and future development of the industry and economic progress". In addition, Ms Aguilar has advocated the "recognition and social protagonism" that deserves the presence of women in the Spanish fishing sector.

In this context, the Minister stressed the important role of seafarers in the sustainability of fisheries dependent areas having shown "a special enterprise initiative and vision in driving new business aimed at the diversification of the fisheries which have enabled economic development and job creation and stable alternative."

Ms Aguilar noted the contribution of public institutions to increase women's access to sector information technology and knowledge with the goal of building "new possibilities" offered by new technologies and changes in organisational structures work, more egalitarian models aimed at management.

Specifically, the Minister referred to the European Fisheries Fund that allows funding opportunities and develop initiatives to promote equal opportunities in the fisheries sector and which provide grants to promote economic and social prosperity of the fishing regions; improve the competitiveness and potential of the sector and ensure producer at the same time, the added value of fishery products and the quality and sustainability of the coastal environment.

The Minister pointed out that in the Congress there are examples of successful entrepreneurs who have brought forward their projects "with effort and determination", arising from "your own initiative, talent and entrepreneurial vision."

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